Specification and Manuals

  PDF files for download Note
A ANC50 Active Noise Canceling RSM  
B Bluetooth dongles 2xx series spec (power from radio) EOL at 2021/6/1, replaced by BTD-2XX-5 Bluetooth v5.0
  BTD-1M3-5 spec & Manual (power from radio)  
  BTD-2K2-5 spec & Manual (power from radio)  
  BTD-2M4-5 spec & Manual (power from radio)  
  BTD-2M10-5 spec & Manual (power from radio)  
  BTD-2M11-5 spec & Manual (power from radio)  
  BTD-2N2 spec & Manual (power from radio) EOL at 2022/12/31
  BTD-2N4-5 spec & Manual (power from radio)  
  BTD-2SP3-5 sepc & Manual (power from radio)  
  BTD-3K1-5 spec & Manual  
  BTD-3M1-5 spec & Manual  
  Bluetooth dongles 3xx series spec (built-in battery)  
  Bluetooth dongle LE series spec (Built-in BLE receiver for PTT-Z) EOL at 2022/12/20
  BT-PTT spec. (BT-PTT Manual) EOL at 2021/12/31
  BT-PTT2 spec. (BT-PTT2 Manual) EOL at 2021/12/31
  BTH-300-F spec.  
  BTH-300-Q spec & Manual  
  BTH-500-R5 spec & Manual  
  BTH-500-MO spec & Manual  
  BTH-510-R5 spec &manual  
  BT55-Q spec & manual  
  BTH-600-R5 spec & Manual  
  BTH-600-MO spec & Manual  
  BTH-700/800 (800mAH) spec  
  BTH-900 spec  
C C600-M12 spec  
D -Q series firmware update tool  
E EP30-P30 spec.  
  EP31-P12 spec.  
  EP31-P23 spec.  
  EP31-P30 spec.  
  EP51-P30 spec.  
  EP65-P12 spec.  
  EP66-P12 spec.  
  EP67-P30 spec.  
  EP68-P12 spec.  
  ESChat PTT-Z manual  
G GM22 series spec.  
  GM22-S6 manual  
  GM22-K2 manual  
  GPSD-KM manual EOL at 2022/12/31
H HD1-R5 spec. & manual EOL at 2020/03/31, replaced by HD1-PR5
  HD1-PR5 spec. & manual  
  HD1-PR5 manual for Kenwood Radio  
  HD1-R6 spec & manual EOL at 2020/03/31, replaced by HD1-PR6
  HP14-P06 spec.  
  HP16-P15 spec.  
  HP24DNL spec.  
  HP24SNL-P07A spec.  
  HP24SNL-P20 spec.  
  HP70 spec.  
  HP80 spec.  
  HP90 spec.  
I iSPM100 spec. (iSPM100 Zello manual)  
  iSPM101 sepc. (iSPM101 Zello manual)  
  iSPM102 sepc.  
  iSPM110 spec.  
  iSPM112 spec.  
  iSPM600 spec. (iSPM600 Zello manual) EOL at 2019/12/31 replaced by iSPM610C
  iSPM610 sepc. EOL at 2022/12/20 replaced by iSPM610C
  iSPM610C spec.  
  iSPM612 spec.  
M MADP series spec.  
  M100V spec and manual  
  MMC9C-USB-F3 spec. (Users Manual) EOL at 2023/09/01 replaced by MMC2K
  MP08 spec. EOL at 2022/06/20
  MP10 spec. EOL at 2022/12/20
  MP11 spec.  
  MP16 spec.  
  MP16A-M8 spec.  
  MP21 spec.  
  MP21A-M8 sepc.  
  MP22 spec.  
  MP50B1 spec.  
  MP50B2 spec,..(MP50B2 manual)  
  MP68 spec.  
P PTT-Z-67 IP67 test report  
  PTT-Z, (Zello manual), (ESChat manual)  
  PTT-Z, PTT-U2 Kodiak(WAVE onCloud)users manual  
  PTT-Z TASSTA users manual  
  PTT-220-VZ spec. & manual EOL at 2021/12/31
S SARTrack Software manual  
  SNP series spec.  
  SMART-PTT spec and manual  
  SONY Call Sign PTT manual  
T TP15 spec.  
W WPTT-DMX series spec. (WPTT dongle)  
  WPTT-4XX series manual  
  WPTT-16 series spec. (Big PTT)  
Z Zello gateway cable installtion Q&A  
  Zello gateway cable manual